Children’s Meals at Bright Horizons

We know and understand how vital good nutrition is for young children. Creating healthy eating habits during childhood positively impacts their physical development and long term health, but it doesn’t stop there. Nutrition also affects focus, cognitive development, hand-eye coordination and much more.

Our nurseries are proud to serve every child with freshly prepared food from our carefully designed 15-day menu cycle. These menus are nutritionally planned, balancing food groups, appropriate portion sizes, salt and sugar intake. Our yummy dishes also provide children with a rich variety of tastes and textures, offering a balance of carbohydrates, colourful vegetables, proteins, pulses and fresh fruit throughout the week.

You can see examples of our 15-day menu cycles below, including our vegetarian and pescatarian variations.

15 Day Menu Sample


Our Experience & Expertise

Our 30+ years’ experience in Early Childhood nutrition means that we know the importance of food safety and good nutrition. All our menus are created following guidance from the national children’s charity, Action for Children.

  • Read more about our Nutrition Guidelines here.

    These guidelines, along with feedback from children and nursery staff, guide the recipes in our menus, which are created through Nutritics – a software initially designed to plan meals for athletes.

  • Read more about how we use Nutritics on our Food Partners page.

    Children’s safety is our top priority. We manage allergies and intolerances carefully, and all of our nurseries have a strict ‘no nuts’ onsite policy. In addition, our 15-day menu cycle has been meticulously planned to eliminate many common allergens such as nuts, sesame, kiwi and shellfish.

  • Read more about how we manage allergies on our Food Safety and Allergy Management page.
See how our chef at Epsom Waltham House manages his kitchen.

Our nurseries are in a diverse range of locations, looking after an equally diverse range of families. We respect the traditions of our children and their families, and cater for cultural preferences as far as possible. Please read more on our Individual Preferences and Flexibility page